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The Elderly Brothers

the elderly brothers

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Brian: (203) 453-1207
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Long-time popular solo artists, T-Bone Stankus and Brian Gillie have teamed up as the Elderly Brothers, serving up mint-condition “oldies” rock ‘n’ roll with pitch-perfect harmonies and soulful improvisations as fresh as the originals.  No sleepwalk down memory lane with these guys.  Their radiant renditions and audience interaction are unsurpassed.  Enjoy the solid groove and the upbeat, move-it-or-lose-it, ‘50s and ‘60s bandstand repertoire that has made each of them such talented, innovative and celebrated performers.  sh BOOM!

the elderly brothers

Brian and T-Bone, The Elderly Brothers: "Splish Splash"

The Elderly Brothers: "Return to Sender"

The Elderly Brothers: "Live in West Hartford"

The Elderly Brothers: "Hey, Baby"

The Elderly Brothers: "Rock Around the Clock"

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